PE and Sport Premium

Make effective use of your PE and Sports Premium by using The Dance Stage to improve or develop the delivery of Dance within your school…

Key Indicator 1: 

The Dance Stage can help to engage even the most reluctant students in physical activity. All our schemes of work are fun, lively and use up-beat music which we provide for you. 

Key Indicator 2:

Celebrate the whole child. Use The Dance Stage to ensure high quality dance opportunities which encourage expression, creativity and physical activity. After all, these are the things that will encourage positive behaviour and raise attainment.

Key Indicator 3:

Our Schemes are written so as staff can easily and confidently, deliver high quality sequences of learning. Easy to implement tasks and assessment strategies are included in all The Dance Stage Schemes of Work. The topics covered link to other areas within the school curriculum relevant to the year group. You know you can also bring The Dance Stage in to deliver valuable CPD for your staff to raise confidence levels and create a sense of excitement about delivering dance lessons.

Key Indicators 4 & 5:

Having The Dance Stage to help deliver Dance in your school will ensure your PE curriculum is offering the required broad range of activities. Having The Dance Stage as a support network for your school dance provision can also help connect you to wider opportunities for dance in the local area. If you are looking for ways to compete or celebrate, each Scheme created by the Dance Stage completes by bringing all the dance content created together into one longer whole-class dance. Why not use this as a chance to share a performance with the rest of the school?!

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